Our Values
Johannesen-Farrar, Inc. affiliates are dedicated to our local independent agent customers. Our mission is to offer innovative solutions to help you protect what you have and achieve your future goals.

Since 1931, our organization has nurtured cultural values that ensure success in this endeavor. Even as our processes and tools evolve with the times, we continue to hold these values unchangeable and seek to instill them in new generations of associates.

We put the people first.
Insurance serves people, and when it serves well, profits follow. Relationships, not transactions, are our building blocks.

We live the Golden Rule every day.
It guides us as we interact with each other, policyholders and claimants, peer companies and suppliers. We respect and serve others. It is our privilege to listen and respond genuinely to ideas and concerns, to recognize and honor each other’s talents, efforts, motives, interests and potential. Within and across departments and assignments, we team with others who complement our strengths and offset our shortcomings, expecting no less of us in return.

We invest in ourselves and one another.
We welcome lifelong learning that leads to excellence in personal and professional performance. Our true leaders are those at all levels of our organization who model this excellence, passing on their knowledge, skills and good judgment to others. We allow mistakes, and we learn from them. We anticipate the need for change, setting the stage so our personal and company capabilities can evolve within a stable environment.

We make the effort to do the little things that make a big difference. This means the extra step we take to assure quality or to respond fully and promptly, the attention we pay to daily opportunities for thrift, the moment it takes to make a thoughtful comment of encouragement or instruction – these add up to the Johannesen-Farrar, Inc. difference.

We believe long-term financial stability is an attainable goal. We fully accept our responsibility to be a steady, fair and responsible employer and corporate citizen. This means it’s our job to create long-term value for those who invest their time, efforts, funds or trust in our organization.

We know the risks we accept and work to manage them effectively. Every new relationship with an associate, policyholder and claimant is a source of both risk and reward. It’s up to each of us to study both sides of that equation, applying our work ethic, technical skills and best judgment to turn risk into reward. We recognize that healthy competition contributes to this process.

We think it’s important to be where our customers are. The local people who represent us within their communities are the source of the responsiveness that differentiates us. Their daily actions achieve selectivity, flexibility and customization, branding us as the company for policyholders who embrace value propositions and reject commoditized approaches. Their specific knowledge, flexibility and local decision-making can never be replaced by any survey, focus group, committee report, objective study or conventional wisdom.

We pay claims.
Johannesen-Farrar, Inc. is in business to make people financially whole after losses and to preserve their dignity in the process. We believe that we will prosper as an independent insurance agency by responding to claims person-to-person and having the companies we represent pay all that is due under each policy, preventing false claims from unfairly adding to overall premiums and building financial strength to meet future obligations.

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