“I decided to switch my auto/home/boat insurance and Lois was very professional and timely in getting this process completed. She found a great company to do all three and at a better rate. Also have dealt with Joe, Pam and Irina thru the business that I work for. Amazing, hard working, professional people. I would highly recommend this agency for all your personal or business insurance needs.”

—Brent Flikkema

 “Last May we had damage from a hail storm. Our home was insured with Cincinnati Insurance which we purchased through Johannessen-Farrar. Within a few days their agent, Al Stazio, was here and did a complete review of the damage and gave us an estimate of the damage and encouraged us to get an estimate from a contactor. When the contractor’s estimate was higher than his estimate, he reviewed it and accepted their estimate. In was very clear to us that Mr. Stazio was certainly seeking our interests and went beyond the normal call of duty to make sure that we were completely satisfied with the process.

—Tim & Marta Schnake

 “I have been with Johannesen-Farrar for almost 35 years. I originally switched to them from a large national chain. Cost of coverage was the main reason I switched with it being significantly less expensive than what I had been paying before. Over the years I have also had a very good relationship with my agent. Most recently it has been Janet Lueck. I have been very satisfied with my time at J-F.”

Kurt Wong

 “For over thirty years Johannesen-Farrar has been providing our small business all of our insurance needs including property, liability, worker’s compensation and health. We greatly appreciate their friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff! Highly recommend!

—Scott Hartwig

 “I’ve been with Johannesen-Farrar Insurance for more than 20 years for personal auto insurance. They have always had great customer service and take the extra step to ensure I’m getting the best rates available when it’s time to renew my policy! And anytime I need to remove a vehicle or add a vehicle, one call gets the job done same day – even if my assigned agent isn’t in the office! They’ve also helped us find reasonable rates for our commercial liability insurance and commercial auto policy! And when it came time to figure out workers comp insurance, COI requests, and umbrella policies – they promptly responded to every question, call, and email! Working with the agents at Johannesen-Farrar has made the insurance part of running our own business something that I never have to worry about! I don’t know what I’d do without their help! And I love that I know my agents on a first name basis and they know who I am when I call for a last minute question or request!!

—Darcey Rojas

We switched to Johannesen-Farrar for our home and auto insurance about two years ago, and we’re very thankful we did. Vicki has been so great to work with. She’s always friendly and very responsive. The other team members we’ve encountered are also just as great. I would definitely recommend them not only for personal, but also for business insurance needs!”

—Sarah Smith

“Johannesen Farrar has been an excellent company to partner with for our insurance needs. Our agent, Matt Becker, is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend them.”

—Gordy Whowell

“My family has been working with J-F for more than 30 years, and the company I work for is a long time customer too! Always friendly, and prompt with responding to all of our insurance needs. Highly recommended insurance agency for personal or business policies.”

—Keri Harris

“Have been doing business with them for over 10 years both business and personal insurance. They are always friendly, informative, and very prompt in answering my questions. Highly recommend them!  
— Benjamin Johnson