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If you would like to talk to a JF Business or Personal Insurance Representative, please call one of the representatives listed below for the insurance you need.


The following items are the ones that may require a little research to provide as correct an answer as possible. Other simple questions may be asked.


  • Full name and address
  • Date of birth and driver’s license numbers for all members of household
  • Social Security number of first named insured
  • Marital status, occupation and level of education for all members of household (also good student documentation)
  • Any tickets or accidents in the past five years for any member of household
  • Year, make and model of each vehicle
  • Vehicle identification number of each vehicle
  • How the vehicle is used: i.e. distance to work, pleasure use or business use, annual mileage
  • Liability limits desired
  • Physical damage deductibles desired


  • Full name of all persons listed on deed
  • Property address and mailing address
  • Date of birth and Social Security number for first named insured
  • Dwelling amount
  • Number of families and occupancy type (primary, seasonal, secondary, or rented to others)
  • Construction type
  • Year built
  • Square footage
  • Number of stories and type of basement
  • Fire department name, distance from the fire department and any hydrants
  • Dwelling amount replacement or rebuild cost
  • Deductibles desired
  • Any losses or claims in the past five years, and type of loss
  • Any items scheduled on the policy such as jewelry, guns, silverware, golf carts, snowmobiles, etc.


When requesting a Business Quote, please have the following requirements ready:

  • Name and address of business entity
  • Contact information
  • Number of employees and FEIN number
  • Does the business currently have insurance? If so with which insurance company?
  • Number of locations
  • Brief description of the business
  • Loss run report for last three years on all current policies
  • If insuring vehicles, list of drivers including dates of birth and drivers’ license numbers and list of vehicles including year, make, model and VIN number

This information will be required to help get an accurate quote. Additional information may be requested as well.

Matthew D. Becker, CIC
Executive Vice President Commercial Lines
Phone: (262) 728-2631 Ext. 306

Joseph P. Mulder
Vice President
Phone: (262) 728-2631 Ext. 311

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